Art of chinese hand reading in astrology

Every person's hands contain unique traits and characteristics that reveal significant clues and hidden meanings about that individual. Dating back thousands of years, palmistry is an ancient art and science that has been practiced in countries around the world including Babylon, China, Ancient Israel, and India. Palm reading, also known as chiromancy or palmistry, is [ Our chakras are the wheels that keep our lives on track.

When one or more of them is out of balance, too open, or too closed, it can send us into a tailspin of emotional problems, mental blocks, and even physical ailments when left unchecked. The purpose of chakra alignment is to correct the chakras [ There are many reasons someone may choose to have a psychic reading. From problems with your finances to issues with a relationship, a psychic can give you the answers you are looking for.

By asking and answering questions, you may find answers that will help you in the present or the future, and you may [ After many years of experience with Tarot reading in Miami, I can say one thing with certainty: There are as many different interpretations of what the tarot is as there are tarot readers. Every reader has their own approach to the tarot. Even so, when people ask me about the tarot, there are many pervasive, [ Enough [ Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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August Palmistry or HandJive? In Science Confronts the Paranormal. Kendrick Frazier.


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How to Calculate the Age of a Person Using Palmistry: 6 Steps

International Journal of Science Education, 22 11 , Zetetic 1 2 — Cold Reading. In Michael Shermer. The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience. Methods of divination.


Aspidomancy Catoptromancy Crystal gazing Hydromancy Oculomancy. Gastromancy Taghairm. Bourgeois pseudoscience Suppressed research in the Soviet Union Traditional medicine. List of topics characterized as pseudoscience. Categories : Divination Pseudoscience. At entrances to temples the lion on the right is male and holds a ball in its paw while the left lion is female and holds a cub.

A pair of lions symbolize happiness and wish for a prosperous career. The number of curls of hair on the lion's mane used to be a measure of seniority, a high official would have up to 13 coils of hair on lion statues outside his home. A lion was also the emblem of some grades of official. The lion dance was traditionally associated with the Lantern festival but is now seen on other Chinese festivals. If the dancing lion can be enticed into a home it will bring good luck. The monkey is seen a cheeky, irreverent creature in China always bringing fun and laughter. Monkeys live in central and southern China but not in the north.

It has a high place in the zodiac of twelve animals. In southern China some minority people were presumed to be the descendents of monkeys. Monkeys were considered able to drive away evil spirits and for this reason were worshiped and tolerated near houses. A legend has a monkey stealing the peaches of immortality from the garden of the Queen Mother of the West Xi wang mu and so a monkey is often depicted carrying off a peach. Two monkeys in a pine tree symbolize a wish for promotion to last many generations. The ox has for centuries toiled in the fields of China.

The same character niu is used for oxen; water buffalo as well as cattle. Because it is such a useful animal some Chinese will not eat beef, although this custom may come from the India because of the ban in both Hinduism and Buddhism. It is an animal of proverbial strength and water buffalo are often associated with rivers and water. Beef tea has for long been considered a potent medicinal tonic.

At New Year the Emperor himself dug a ritual furrow with an ox-driven plow. The ox is associated with spring plowing ; harvest and fertility and is one of the twelve animals of the zodiac. The panther and the same character denotes leopards as well symbolizes the taming of cruelty. They were uncommon animals in China and do not feature greatly in paintings.

The pig has long been domesticated in China. It is one of the twelve zodiac animals. It is a very widely eaten meat — except by the sizable Muslim population — so symbolically it represents feasting. A legend has it that the founder of the Khitan people of northern China had a pig's head and so the Khitan people would not eat pork. A superstition to protect new born babies was to give them pig's trotters for shoes and a pig head mask so demons would think it was a pig not a human and leave them alone.

The rat is rather surprisingly the first in the cycle of twelve zodiacal animals , the story goes that a rat was smart enough to jump onto the back of the ox to get to the head of the queue of animals when they were being named. It is considered a ' yin ' female animal. The constant activity of rats has been paralleled with the acquisitive action of misers and so rats are associated with money. In one legend it was rats that brought rice to people's attention as a nutritious food.

However it is also thought they can turn into demons ; some legends have them becoming quails at spring time. Rats and squirrels are often shown with trailing plants such as vines to give the wish for generations of children. If rats move into your house it is a bad sign as cats will follow and it indicates the house will soon be derelict and abandoned.

Personality Lines

Not so long ago the local rat catcher would demonstrate his skill by laying out bundles of rat corpses on the street. The herbivore is now restricted to a few localities just south of the Himalayas, Indonesia and central Africa. It could originally be found in Sichuan and then also in recent years in Thailand and Vietnam. It has for two thousand years been hunted because its horn was considered the best antidote to poison and impotence. The horn is in fact modified hair and is made up of coarse filaments.

Cups made of rhino horn were said to detect any poison in their contents. Poachers still hunt wild rhinos because its horn fetches its weight in gold in Vietnam and China. Its hide was considered impervious to weapons. The immortal Cao Guojiu has a belt made of rhino hide. In symbolism the rhinoceros appears as an emblem for one grade of court official. It is also one of the eight precious things. Sheep are one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac.

It also represents docility and satisfaction.

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The character is an ancient pictogram of the animal showing its horns and body as seen from above. Mutton is considered a strong source of yang energy. Lamb and mutton are commonly used by the Muslim Hui minority as a substitute for pork. It is one the five noxious creatures with centipede ; gecko ; scorpion and toad. A snake is one of the twelve astrological year animals. Snakes are considered wise and cunning but treacherous. As a snake sloughs its skin it may symbolize transformation.

It also symbolizes fertility and flexibility and the female yin element. The ancient deities Fuxi and Nuwa are often portrayed with snake-like lower halves. There are not that many venomous snakes in China, the few that remain are in Guangxi , Yunnan and Guangdong. The meat of the snake is eaten quite widely and it is a common ingredient in traditional medicine particularly snake liver. Snakeskin is considered a lucky charm. The spider is considered a lucky creature because it dangles from its web on high and so symbolizes good fortune descending from the heavens.

It may specifically signify the return home of a son. On the negative side it sometimes takes the place of the scorpion in the tally of five noxious creatures. The tiger is the chief of wild animals and used to be widespread in China. It proved useful as it kept down the population of wild boar that threatened crops. It is a zodiac animal and represents bravery. Rather strangely for such a fierce animal it is regarded as yin , particularly when shown together with a dragon that represents yang. The God of Wealth sometimes rides on the back of a black tiger. It was heavily used as a military emblem with soldiers wearing tiger suits to frighten the enemy.

They are commonly pasted up on walls as a talisman during Chinese New Year. Because it is such a powerful animal many parts of the tiger were considered equally powerful medicine and to this day tigers are hunted to supply the Chinese market for medicinal potions. As a tiger was supposedly never seen to limp, its bones were considered a cure for arthritis. On its death a tiger's body was able to transform into orange amber.

With rice paddy-fields so widespread in rural China, toads are a common sight as they love the wet habitat and prey on the many insects living there. It is one of the five noxious creatures with geckos; scorpions ; snakes and centipedes. Some temples have large porcelain toads as money banks. There is a legend that a three legged toad lives in the sun others a raven or cockrel , although some say it is the moon from earlier times.

Zhang Guo Lao, one of Eight Immortals is sometimes depicted as riding on a toad. The humble tortoise is an important creature in Chinese mythology.

Discover the connection between two disciplines

The shape of its shell represents the earth - the flat ground below and the vaulted sky above. The turtle is often used as a memorial, a stone turtle sculpture has an engraved tablet sticking up out of its back which lists the accomplishments of the deceased. Many parts of the creature are used in traditional medicine , as it is such a well protected and long-lived creature. As it was never seen to mate it was considered that all tortoises were female.

It is the chief representative of all shelled creatures and also one of the four sacred animals with the dragon , qilin , phoenix. In pictures it represents the wish for a long life and also solidity. In modern China however it can be used as a term for a cuckold. It was considered an attendant to the creator of the world Pan Gu. Mention of tortoises for divination goes back to the Book of Documents - one of the ancient Chinese classics. The pattern of cracks that emerge when a heated rod was placed against the shell gave the answer to the question that had been written on the shell.

The shells give the earliest record of writing known anywhere in the World. Tortoiseshell however comes from a Malay turtle and not tortoises. The Chinese unicorn shares some qualities with the Western version but looks totally different: it usually has two horns and is covered in scales. It is a mythological animal that is peaceful and loving.