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Add Content. United States English English. Recently started listening to Playboi tarot and wowwwww.. Just found her and she's good, similar vibes to Stargirl : Marion Lemos.

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My favs are She cracks me tf up with her country accent and potty mouth. Last edited: Mar 15, Mar 29, I like the ones who put feeling into their readings, the psychic type. Last edited: Mar 31, Last edited: Mar 29, I cannot stand Astro kween! She always sounds confused as fuck! Like, is she new with tarot or something?

What is this?!!! Something about a baby? Is someone pregnant?!!!

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She is funny and accurate a hell! A lot of my readings for my sign keep saying for months now, even in a personal reading I had with Aphrodite Routh on fiverr, that someone from my past is coming back, someone who just got out of a relationship or marriage. Someone who wants a relationship with me and even marriage. Also someone wants to come back and start fresh, tell me the truth or something. I just talked to him yesterday after not speaking to him in a while and nope, still lying.

Thanks x 2 LOL!

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Mar 31, Apr 1, Apr 16, Thanks x 3 LOL! Apr 18, I just discovered Dash In Between today and listened to two of his readings You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Venus squares Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

Cancer Psychic Love Tarot Reading December 2016 by White Lotus Tarot

For some, it may be over due to reevaluate close relationships. Adjustments can be made to unload and clear the air, then rebuild. There is a sense of fair play, especially in business transactions and legal negotiations.

Cancer August 19-31 - THE NARCISSIST IS DEFEATED!!!

Under the influence of watchful, faithful Dog, honesty and integrity are championed. The element Wood adds gentle strength and fast growth. September 13 is a full Moon in Pisces. Water sign Pisces rules the 12th house of spirituality and intuition.

The full Moon conjuncts Neptune for deep insights and stronger empathy. The two week waning Moon cycle is an ideal time to release emotional baggage of the past, especially in relationships. Very helpful is that Mercury and Venus enter Libra on September Libra love of harmony and peace brings focus to intimate relationships to find balance, with less need for criticism. People might feel a bit scattered with many mutable planets in the heavens at this time.

The missing mutable Air sign is Gemini, so Geminis in particular could feel overwhelmed. Contact me for guidance with a tarot or astrology consultation. This full Moon marks the peak of Phoenix month, a time for bravery and transformation. August 30 is a new Moon in Virgo. Earth sign Virgo rules the sixth house of health, work, and service.

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They all trine Uranus in Taurus that is extremely fortunate! Five Uranus trines can shake things up and bring radical change, sudden luck, and great opportunities. The new ideas and inspiration of Uranus can be made real in Earth signs Virgo and Taurus. This lunar month is the cycle to get the job done, or prepare and lay the foundation for new endeavors. Uranus trine the Sun can bring creative and exciting change.

Uranus trine the new Moon and Venus can bring healing change to your emotional life. A new love interest or friends who are different from the norm truly expand your circle. Personal surroundings can suddenly be refreshed. Uranus trine Mercury is excellent for mental stimulation, with interest to learn new skills and enhance knowledge. Plus this is an very good lunar month for travel. Uranus trine Mars is great for self assertion, physical strength, and the ability to take power and action. Saturn trine the Sun allows progress with few obstacles, even winning recognition for achievements.

Chanakara Tea for Your Chakras

Saturn trine the new Moon brings emotional equilibrium. Saturn trine Venus is excellent for stability in relationships, with a realistic understanding and clear vision for future goals. Both personal and business relationships are favored. Saturn trine Mars brings strength to work hard with a wide perspective, yet not neglect details. Energy can flow to plan, structure, and organize for long-lasting contributions through work and service.

Virgo traits of attention to detail, organizational abilities, and sense of discernment come together to create a successful harvest this autumn. Phoenix qualities of boldness and bravery lead to favorable outcomes. Uranian innovation and luck is for all, and is most transforming for Earth sign Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus and those born in Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Horse years. August 15 is a full Moon in Aquarius.