December 15 2019 tarot reading

This externalization of self-worth can also lead to stinginess and hoarding. What might really be at play here is a fear of loss. This sort of behavior often manifests when we feel powerless or out of control. If we hold tightly to what we have, it seems like we might be able to control our circumstances better. When other aspects of self-concept have been ignored, we have nothing else to rely on should we suffer a loss, making it harder to recover and resulting in a crisis of identity.

For those of us who celebrate gift-giving holidays, December is a month of giving but also often anticipation of getting.

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Kids make lists for Santa weeks in advance, and these lists often include extravagant items that strike fear into the hearts of parents on a budget. Relationships seem made or broken by the expression conveyed through the presents we give each other. How do you balance expectation and fear of disappointment with a very different fear of living beyond your means? See how the things you do this week will impact your near future with insight from a Timeline Tarot Reading! Here's this card again!

We saw the Six of Pentacles last month as well, and it does seem that some of the lessons or struggles present in November are still with us currently. This is not unexpected. November marked the start of a chain of busy holidays; this year a number of stores where I live started merchandising for Christmas even before Halloween, and now are in full-swing with decorations and many additional products. In our spread, we have the Six of Pentacles positioned in reverse, which seems in direct alignment with this month's theme card.

I can't help thinking about the fine line between holiday spirit and holiday pressure -- pressure to find the perfect present for everyone on my list, pressure to get everything done on time By some people's standards, I'm already late if I'm still doing my holiday shopping now! And as noted above, if you're operating on a budget, and many of us are, including everyone you care about and finding just the right thing for each of them can be tough.

When this card is reversed, it often indicates mishandling of resources, so I'm taking its appearance here as a warning. What sort of creative solutions might we find to honor those we love with clever gifts that don't have to drain our resources? Last month's appearance of this card asked us to think about different ways we could serve others.

Generosity does not have to be financial, even though Pentacles are the suit of tangible concerns. There are many ways to show love. We can give others our time and energy to help improve the quality of their tangible existence.

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We can use our time and skills to make something for loved ones. People often say that it's the thought that counts, but this is usually meant to excuse a lack of effort. If we put care into what we make, these gifts will be seen as both thoughtful AND enjoyable.

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  8. This card in reverse can also suggest greed, but in the current context, I would interpret that a little differently. Pressure to perform as expected can cause many of us to withdraw. I sense fear of a sort in this card, too. Perhaps we fear that others will not return our efforts of generosity. Giving to get or giving only because we received is a strangely deceptive cycle.

    Overall, this card is a reminder that how we treat others is important. A balance of the material and spiritual is essential for our well-being, and the act of giving supports that balance. What actions by others make you feel loved? How do you typically show your love for others?

    Think about those closest to you, people you would want to demonstrate your care for with a gift of some sort. What do you think makes each of them feel loved? How could you tailor your gift to match this?

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    What is going on? It seems everyone around us has a different idea of how to achieve current goals, and these ideas do not mesh with ours. Each figure in this card is pointing their branch in a different direction, creating a scene of struggle and confusion. We want our ideas to be recognized, but is what we want really what's most important? How can we shift our thinking towards collaboration instead and find a plan that would benefit everyone? Listen to others and consider their ideas and opinions openly. Then ask gently that they do the same for you.

    What might be at the core of other people's demands? What disappointments, wounds, or fears preoccupy them? If you understand people's motivations, as well as your own true needs and fears, it might be easier to approach with care and reach a satisfying compromise. Otherwise, the stinginess and possessiveness of our theme card, the Four of Pentacles, is ruling us again. The obstinance and reluctance in the reversed Six of Pentacles is relevant here, as well. What do people need to feel safe and open enough to truly communicate? As noted in last month's readings, this time of year often brings people together who don't see each other often, and may not understand each other as well due to this.

    Special events like holidays also bring out different emotions. There are built in competitions — who makes the best dressing, whose pumpkin pie is superior, whose jello salad never sets right ha, ha Is your ego putting up an unnecessary fight? Maybe it's ok to let someone else shine, or consider how working together might make something better than either could produce alone.


    Wands are the suit of Fire, of spirit, passion, and ambition. Individual fires can't burn as brightly as one large one that keeps everyone warm together. December 3 through 22 is also a Mercury Retrograde period. If you follow Astrology, you know that can bring additional challenges to communication, and this energy is at its highest point this week. Taking these extra steps to carefully consider your interactions with others can help avoid troubling miscommunications. Is your Fire burning a bit too hot this week?

    Invoke the element of Earth or Water to balance it. I love working with scent to help shift my energy. I make essential oil blends that try to capture the spirits of the elements, and use them to counter unhelpful energies. Cedarwood, patchouli, sage, and vetiver are great oils for Earth energy. I like jasmine, geranium, lavender, and even citrus oils for Water energy. Use one of those oils you like or try mixing together a few drops of different ones in a small vial. Keep the vial with you and smell the scent when you need grounding or emotional clarity. If you want to wear your blends, just dilute them in a carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond to make them safe for skin, about 15 drops of oil to a 10ml roller bottle of carrier oil.

    You could also add a few drops of essential oil to your bath or soaking water though, not if your system is sensitive to essential oils. The Hierophant is the keeper of traditions, so it is not at all surprising to see this card appear in this month's spread, and in this week, the week of the Winter Solstice. Teacher of rituals and rules, it is a card of guidance and initiation into shared culture, very fitting for this season of collective celebration and reinforcement of shared spiritual values.

    The Hierophant is a proponent of orthodox behavior. This is your key to better relationships. This is your key to a higher level of personal fulfillment.

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    Well, as the old saying goes, no pain, no gain. In your case, no exploration means more of the same. You need to tap into your sense of curiosity. You need to get over your natural inclination to take the path of least resistance and take it easy. It also represents great faith in self.

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    People influenced by fire have their own way of doing things. It influences people to be optimistic, liberal, and positive. My top tips for those with a December 15th Birthday —. Gold reflects charisma, individuality, and personality. These traits make others feel relaxed whenever they are in your company. Sagittarius people, such as someone born on 15th December under the influences of this star sign, do not enter into marriage lightly. Yet just as horoscopes can affect our daily life, so too can the timing of a wedding on the calendar influence the flow and ultimate outcome of a marriage.

    October is a month ruled by Scorpio and Libra, two-star signs that are both very possessive of their partners, but also apt to wanting to settle the score if they feel slighted. A marriage under this influence can become too much like a cage ruled by tit for tat mentality for your liking. If you are a person born on the 15th of December, you should be able to keep on communicating well with people. Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search.

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